Online Advertising

It’s not about the number of ads you run but the impact they create. To be remembered on the World Wide Web, a brand needs to be innovative, interesting, and startling. We create online advertising campaigns that leave a permanent mark on people, making them memorable yet fun at the same time.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO can make or break a company. If your website does not appear in the top few search results, it’s equal to not existing. Our experts strategize and develop your website to effectively reach your desired target.

Our team excels in both black hat and white hat SEO strategies. Our SEO services include

  • • Content development
  • • Keyword research
  • • Backlinks
  • • Press release submissions

  • • Article directory submissions
  • • Social media management
  • • Online reputation building
  • • Web design with SEO integration







Display Advertising

Visuals speak more than what words can convey. However, along with hot design, how your copy sounds and what it's saying is equally important! We help you communicate effectively using all elements of display advertising such as static images, audio, and video.

We specialize in:

  • • Understanding your needs thoroughly to provide engaging copy and creative visuals
  • • Recommending ad spaces best suited for your brand
  • • Ensuring click-throughs to increase website footfall

  • • Article directory submissions
  • • Social media management
  • • Online reputation building
  • • Web design with SEO integration







Retarget marketing

Online marketing strategies often fail to produce the right kind of result at one go. We work towards finding your potential customers and getting them back on your website. Our experts are constantly looking for ways in which they can make the most out of your investments by:

We specialize in:

  • • Guiding you in following up with users who do not convert to clients
  • • Offering repeated rounds of marketing until you see results
  • • Promoting an optimum blend of primary marketing and retarget marketing
  • • Helping redirect potential customers back to you




Email Marketing

Email continues to be a powerful e-marketing tool for brands, leveraging one of the most prolific touchpoints -- a customer’s inbox. We help build customer loyalty, trust, and brand recognition through creative email campaigns.

Affiliate Email Marketing

Affiliate email marketing is often mistaken for spam. Thus, although an effective tool, it is important for a brand to stand apart and strategically target the right groups. We ensure that your communication does not get ignored.

Our expertise includes:

  • • Campaign planning and design
  • • HTML mailer conversion and testing
  • • Deployment
  • • Targeted database filtration
  • • Testing
  • • Campaign result analysis
  • • Cost-per-mailer increment/boost
  • • Cost-per-click increment/boost







Triggered Email Services

Clients like to stay informed about what’s new with a brand. By partaking in regular interactions with business contacts, it’s easy to gain an effective and cost-effective voice for your company. We plan successful strategies for trigger-based emails and implement custom triggers.




Mobile and SMS Solutions

We are in a time when a phone is no longer just a phone. Our lives revolve around smartphones and wise marketers use this to their advantage. We provide a wide range of mobility and SMS services that leverage mobile connections to bring your clients closer to you.

• Reliable apps - Our apps are designed to bring larger mobility to your services. This increases the ease with which your clients can access your services. We also assist you in boosting your Cost per Install (CPI).

• Increased user engagement - We assist in achieving user engagement by helping you supply information directly to your clients’ mobiles. This makes it easier for your clients to track what you are up to.

• Mobile advertising - We plan some of the finest advertisement campaigns, optimized to suit the fast-growing mobile medium.




Social Media Optimization

With loads of social media terms being flung around, it is hard to keep up with the increasing pace of the social media boom. We follow trends, analyze patterns, and help you stay in touch.

• Hatch a plan - We brainstorm, conduct internal researches, and develop ideas so you can reach the right target audience

• Prepare a working budget - We help lay a flexible budget so that you can make additional investments when your posts start bearing results

• Increase sales - We make it a point to push your sales substantially and help you profit from a large social media presence




Web Development

Just ensuring that your website is accessible to your audience is not enough, it’s also exceptionally important to provide a good online experience once they’re on your site. We work towards creating a genuine impact with your website and a positive difference for your business. Team DigiGlitz takes creativity to a whole new level.